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COSHH : Water based emulsion paint

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Crown Trade Wood Primer. Crown Flexarb Opaque Finish.If the one you need isn't found online call us and ask for it Many of the products below are non-toxic, so the SDS will say that. With products that list an ingredient that can be hazardous if misused, the SDS will list that ingredient and at what percent it occurs in the product. The common theme here is to use good old fashioned common sense, ie: Don't eat them, drink them, or allow your pets, children or friends to either.

Don't get them in your eyes. Protect your skin. Work in well ventilated areas. Wear a dust mask when working with powders. Wear a better quality respirator with the proper filters if you work with powders a lot, are pregnant or working with something that has fumes and mists. Keep your work area clean.

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If someone does ingest one of these products, or gets a chemical in their eyes, you should provide the physician with the SDS or let them know where they can access them on our site. Flush eye exposures immediately and seek first aid if symptoms continue to persist.

emulsion paint safety data sheet

Remember, the only way these things are going to get into your system is if you eat them or breath them. Common sense easy safety equipment and procedures prevent that. These are in PDF format, for easy viewing and printing. A link to download this program is provided below, in case you don't already have it. All groups and schools and those that need to have the information will have to update their files.

As of June 4th, we have not received many of these sheets, but as we get them from our suppliers they will be available on this page. Download Adobe Reader. If you'd rather speak with a human, please call toll-free from anywhere in the U. All Rights Reserved.Avoid inhalation of atomized paint during spray application. If breathing has stopped administer artificial respiration.

Data Sheets

Give nothing by mouth. If unconscious place in a prone position with head to the side recovery position and seek medical advice.

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Irrigate copiously with water for 10 minutes whilst holding the eye lids apart and seek medical advice. Wash skin with soap and water. DO NOT use solvents or thinners. If the patient is conscious give milk or water to drink. Respiratory protection : Should not be necessary under normal use. Suitable respiratory equipment should be worn during spray application to prevent inhalation of spray mist.

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Advice should be sought from glove suppliers to identify appropriate type. Barrier creams may help to protect exposed areas of skin but are not a substitute for full physical protection. This should not be applied once exposure has occurred. Grossly contaminated clothing should be removed and the skin washed with soap and water or a proprietary skin cleaner.

Always wash your hands before eating, smoking or using the toilet. Decomposition products may be hazardous to health.

COSHH : Water based emulsion paint

Appropriate self-contained breathing apparatus may be required. Cool closed containers that are exposed to the fire with water spray. Do not allow run-off from any fire fighting to enter water courses rivers or drains. Floors may become slippery. Avoid breathing vapor. Refer to protective measures shown above. Contain and collect spillages with non-combustible absorbent materials e. Clean remainder of spillage preferably with a detergent.

Avoid using solvents. Do not allow spillage to enter water courses, rivers or drains.This website uses cookies to provide you the best experience. If you do not accept the deployment of cookies or restrict them in any way, you will not be able to use all the interactive functions on our website. For more information about our use of cookies, please view our Privacy Policy. When you purchase a product from Dow, the corresponding Safety Data Sheet SDS will be automatically distributed to you from our corporate distribution system.

However, it may take several days for posting SDSs on our website. Dow provides health, safety and environmental information to our direct product receivers through documents called Safety Data Sheets SDS and product labels.

These documents are required by law in many countries in which Dow does business; however, Dow provides them even where they are not required because we believe they are an essential element in protecting public health and the environment.

Dow's internal standards require the development and distribution of SDS and labels for products even when there are no local requirements to do so. The requirements are then incorporated into global Dow standards and processes for generation and maintenance of SDS and labels. The development of SDS and labels is supported by specialists in all important subject areas, such as toxicology, ecotoxicology, environmental chemistry, industrial hygiene, medicine, reactivity and flammability.

High-quality regulatory databases are available to Dow personnel involved in the hazard assessment of products and in the creation of hazard communication documents. These databases ensure availability of the most up-to-date regulatory information for Dow employees, as well as consistency of information conveyed to our customers in our SDSs and other product literature. New information and changing regulatory requirements are continuously assessed and incorporated as expeditiously as reasonably possible into the Dow processes and standards, resulting in regular updating of our SDS and labels.

Implementation began in in Japan and continues with implementation continuing in the U. Through dedicated systems and processes, the SDS and labels are distributed to all customers and updates are submitted as expeditiously as reasonably possible when new data and knowledge has resulted in significant changes of their contents. Suggestions on improvements to our SDS documents and labels are always welcome.

Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt

We have found an existing account with credentials. Please login or reset your password. If you are not currently a Dow customer and would like to buy from us please call one of our Customer service centers. Delivery Address. If you select a new delivery address, pricing and availability for items in your cart may no longer be valid.

Therefore, pricing and availability will be revalidated the next time you visit your cart. Your account has a credit block in place. Account Summary. Unsupported Browser. Accept Deny.COSHH stands for the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations and is a series of regulations that every business must follow to protect its workers, customers and the general public from the harmful effects of hazardous substances.

For obvious reasons this legislation is particularly applicable to those in the decorating business. The aim of the following guide is give you a general understanding of what COSHH covers, how to calculate the risks and what action to take. Exposure to hazardous substances can occur by inhalation, contact with the body and eyes or through ingestion.

Effects from exposure to a hazardous substance can last for a few minutes, months or be permanent and can result in illnesses such as eye irritation, asthma, dermatitis, lung disease or even cancer.

There are four common types of hazardous substances and although all four are probably not directly relevant to the work of a decorator, you should make sure you are aware of all potential hazards. Some hazardous substances are covered under separate regulations. COSHH helps employers follow good management by setting out eight basic measures that should be taken to assess and control exposure.

In order to minimise and control the exposure to hazardous substances you should first carry out a risk assessment.

emulsion paint safety data sheet

This can be done by you or by a qualified individual or company and should ideally include employees or their safety representative. Employees must also be made aware of the results of the assessment. When assessing the risks you need to think about what health problems these substances can cause. To do this, ask yourself the following:. Once a risk has been identified you need to decide on what action should be taken to remove or reduce the hazard and protect all who could be affected. This should include employees as well as the general public.

emulsion paint safety data sheet

If you have more than five employees then you are legally required to keep a record of the main findings of the risk assessment. This assessment should also record what actions your employees and others must take to make sure the risks posed by the hazardous substance are controlled adequately. COSHH requires you to prevent exposure to substances hazardous to health if it is reasonably practicable to do so.

In other words if it does not mean a complete change to your working practices then you should try to eliminate a hazardous substance. You might for example replace it with a non-hazardous substance, such as changing from a solvent-based paint to a water-based one. It is your duty as employer to ensure that all control measures are followed and defects reported. This also means that control measures must be maintained sufficiently so that they perform as they are intended. For example, equipment such as exhaust ventilation, respiratory and other such PPE should be regularly tested.

If your risk assessment identifies the following, then legally you must measure the concentration of hazardous substances in the air that workers breathe:.

However, this is not necessary if you are already preventing or adequately controlling exposure, for example by using an alarm which detects hazardous substances. Under COSHH you are also required to carry out a 'health surveillance' if an employee is exposed to a substance that has been identified as hazardous or linked to a particular disease.You'll find them next to the can on each product detail page.

The sheet will provide you with comprehensive information and precautions for safe use and handling. If you have any concerns or questions, or if you'd like to obtain a Safety Data Sheet for a Valspar product, call our Customer Service Department, and a Valspar paint representative will be happy to assist you during our normal business hours.

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MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), now the SDS

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Sign In.A top quality high opacity emulsion based on unique AkzoNobel technology which gives excellent coverage for everyday living. With an improved in-can consistency, Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt gives a smooth flow for easy application and a high quality finish. Download All. Skip to main content. Register Sign in consumers professionals. Good to see you Login with Login using social networks. Or by email.

Email address. Note: If you have registered before 24th Aprilyou will need to re-register on the site. Thanks for your cooperation. Register here. Welcome to Dulux Trade Register with Password requirements At least one capital letter At least one special character or number Minimum of 8 characters. Register your new account. Already have an account? Login here. Forgotten your password? Please enter the email address associated to your account. Back to Login. Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt.

Select a colour for this paint. Size Pack 1L 2. Paint Calculator. Save time and money, by using our paint calculator to determine how much paint you require before you start.

emulsion paint safety data sheet

Find a store. About this product A top quality high opacity emulsion based on unique AkzoNobel technology which gives excellent coverage for everyday living. DT - Vinyl Matt. Key Benefits. Colour Range. Pack size. Application : Brush,roller or spray. Seal new or bare surfaces with a thinned first coat of Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt up to 1 part clean water to 5 parts paint.

The normal finishing process is 2 full coats of Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt but on previously painted surfaces in good condition where similar colours are used, 1 coat may be sufficient. For best colour consistency, purchase sufficient tinted paint for each job at one time from the same source.