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Royal Rumble (2018)

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Question or feedback. Staff login.The finals involved 32 teams, of which 31 came through qualifying competitionswhile as the host nation Russia qualified automatically. Of the 32, 20 had also appeared in the eventwhile both Iceland and Panama made their first appearances at the World Cup.

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Germanythe defending champions, were eliminated in the group stage. Host nation Russia was eliminated in the quarter-finals. France won the match 4—2 to claim their second World Cup. The event featured a number of accolades. England's Harry Kane scored the most goals during the tournament with six.

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Thibaut Courtois won the Golden Glove awarded to the goalkeeper with the most clean sheets. The event was praised for the quality of football but criticised for being a distraction from doping allegations and public relations within Russia.

It has been estimated that more than three million people attended games during the tournament. England, which was bidding to host its second tournament, was eliminated in the first round. The voting results were: [4]. The choice of Russia as host has been challenged. Controversial issues included the level of racism in Russian football, [7] [8] [9] human rights abuses by the Russian government, [10] and discrimination against LGBT people in wider Russian society.

Allegations of corruption in the bidding processes and concerns over bribery on the part of the Russian team and corruption by FIFA members for the and World Cups led to threats from England's FA to boycott the tournament. Garciaa US attorney, to investigate and produce a report on the corruption allegations.

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Eckert's summary cleared Russia and Qatar of any wrongdoing, but was denounced by critics as a whitewash. Greg Dyke called for a re-examination of the affair and David Bernstein called for a boycott of the World Cup.

On 3 Junethe FBI confirmed that federal authorities were investigating the bidding and awarding processes for the and World Cups. Both Iceland and Panama qualified for the first time, with the former becoming the smallest country in terms of population to reach the World Cup. Notable teams that failed to qualify included: four-time champions Italy for the first time sincewho were knocked out in a qualification play-off by quarter-finalists Sweden, and three-time runners-up and third placed in the Netherlands for the first time since The other notable qualifying streaks broken were for Ghana and Ivory Coastboth of which had qualified for the three previous tournaments.

Pot one contained the hosts Russia who were automatically assigned to position A1 and the best seven teams. Pot two contained the next best eight teams, and so on for pots three and four.Nine matches were contested at the event, including three on the Kickoff pre-show. In the main event, Asuka won the first-ever women's Royal Rumble match, which was also the second women's match to main event a WWE pay-per-view, and the first to main event one of WWE's "Big Four" pay-per-views.

The men's Royal Rumble match was won by Shinsuke Nakamura. The event was also notable for the surprise debut of former UFC star Ronda Rousey following the women's match, officially confirming that she had signed full-time with WWE. The match generally features 30 wrestlers.

Up untilonly one Royal Rumble match occurred at the event, which was for men. This subsequently made the event the first to have two Royal Rumble matches, which is now standard. Traditionally, the winner of the match earns a world championship match at that year's WrestleMania. The card consisted of nine matches, including three on the Kickoff pre-show. The matches resulted from scripted storylines, where wrestlers portrayed heroesvillainsor less distinguishable characters in scripted events that built tension and culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches, with results predetermined by WWE's writers on the Raw and SmackDown brands.

On the October 16, episode of RawKane returned from a ten-month hiatus and helped Braun Strowman to defeat Roman Reigns in a steel cage match.

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Later on in the match, Kane turned on Strowman and crushed him in the back of a garbage truck; their team ultimately lost. After laying Kane and Lesnar out backstage, Strowman knocked over a lighting rig and crushed both. Lesnar was taken to a medical facility while Kane refused medical attention. Strowman went on a rampage backstage, including destroying Angle's office and flipping over a tractor. During the match, there was controversy between Shane and Bryan, which resulted in Bryan giving a fast count for Owens and Zayn to win.

That match ended when Zayn interfered, allowing Owens to win. Enraged at back-to-back losses, Styles stated they might as well schedule him in a handicap match against Owens and Zayn, which Bryan took literally and scheduled for the Royal Rumble where Styles would also defend the WWE Championship against both men. Styles managed to defeat Owens in the first match by submission, however, he would lose to Zayn in the second match.

On January 26, three matches were announced for the Royal Rumble Kickoff pre-show. Amore was released the next day and the title was vacated. Dawson performed a chop block on Anderson to score the win.

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In the end, Styles threw Zayn out of the ring and immediately Owens performed a superkick on Styles. Owens - who was not the legal man - attempted a pop-up powerbomb on Styles, who countered into a roll up to retain the title.

In a backstage segment, Owens and Zayn confronted SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon about the incident, however, after questioning if he saw what had happened, Shane smiled, replied "Yep", and walked off. Jimmy and Jey performed a double superkick on Gable, who was kneeling, to score the first fall. Jey then pinned Benjamin with a small package to score the second fall to retain the title. After that, the man Royal Rumble match for a world championship match at WrestleMania 34 was contested.

Tye Dillinger was scheduled to be 10, but was attacked backstage by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, resulting in Zayn taking Dillinger's spot. Shinsuke Nakamura entered at 14 and eliminated Zayn. John Cena entered at 20 and eliminated Elias 6 and The Hurricane a surprise entrant at NXT's Adam Coleanother surprise entrant, entered at Rey Mysterioanother surprise entrant, entered at 27 and eliminated Cole.


Roman Reigns entered at 28 and eliminated Titus O'Neil Reigns and Seth Rollins 18 teamed up and performed a powerbomb on The Miz 26 over the top rope to eliminate him, after which, Reigns immediately eliminated Rollins.We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our updated Cookie Notice. Convening participants under the theme, Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured Worldthe meeting will focus on finding ways to reaffirm international cooperation on crucial shared interests, such as international security, the environment and the global economy.

The meeting comes at a time when geostrategic competition between states is generally seen to be on the rise. Alongside international cooperation, an additional priority of the meeting will be to overcome divisions within countries.

2018 participants

These have often been caused by breakdowns in the social contract as a result of failure to protect societies from the transformational impacts of a succession of shocks, from globalization to the proliferation of social media and the birth of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Collectively, these shocks have caused a loss of trust in institutions and damaged the relationship between business and society.

Yet the sheer scale of the challenges our world faces makes concerted, collaborative and integrated action more essential than ever. Donald TrumpPresident of the United States of America, will deliver a keynote address before the close of the meeting. Overall, the Annual Meeting will feature over top political leaders with 10 heads of state and government from Africa, nine from the Middle East and North Africa and six from Latin America. In addition to record participation from the public sector, the private sector will be represented by over 1, leaders.

Civil society is represented by almost leaders from NGOs, social entrepreneursacademia, the artslabour organizations, faith-based and religious groups and media. Find out more about participants, including gender, sector, region, nationality and age here.

The Forum works throughout the year to highlight the gender gap and develop strategies to help women achieve positions of senior leadership. Featuring over sessions, nearly half of which are webcastthe meeting programme has been designed around four tracks:. If technological change and environmental degradation have fundamentally changed how the global economy works, then what new economic models could put us on a path to shared prosperity? If economic uncertainty and geopolitical competition have driven efforts to reclaim national power and sovereignty, then what balance between global cooperation and local autonomy could prevent the disintegration of the world order?

If outrage cycles in media and political rhetoric are widening societal fault lines and undermining tolerance, then what solutions can be jointly developed to restore the social compact?

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If recent technological advances have the potential to fundamentally redefine modern life, then what ethical foundations and adaptive policies could ensure that society benefits from equal access and equal protection in the future? The awards celebrate achievements of leading artists who have shown exemplary commitment to improving the state of the world and will be presented in a ceremony on the evening of 22 January.

World Economic Forum articles may be republished in accordance with our Terms of Use. The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not the World Economic Forum. I accept.

Global Agenda Who's coming to Davos ? World vs Virus Podcast. Listen now on Spotify. Most Popular. More on the agenda. Driving sustained economic progress. Navigating a multipolar and multiconceptual world. Overcoming divisions in society.The Registration Office is open for badge pickup daily from a.

All participants must be accredited in advance of the Meetings. To facilitate accreditation and registration, the participants are divided into different categories, described below. Please determine your registration category and submit your registration request accordingly.

Please note that an onsite Registration Desk operates for issuance of participant badges to those who are already accredited. Facilities for onsite accreditation are very limited and onsite accreditation is not guaranteed.

Please plan your attendance at the Spring Meetings events in advance. If you have any questions about Delegate registration, please forward your inquiries to meetingsregistration imf. If you have any questions about Observer registration, please forward your inquiry to observerregistration worldbank.

This accreditation will also provide access to all the open events of the Spring Meetings. For purposes of registration, CSOs include non-governmental organizations, community groups, labor unions, indigenous peoples movements, faith-based organizations, professional associations, foundations, think tanks, charitable organizations, and other not-for-profit organizations.

All other participants - such as representatives from the private sector, academia or governmental bodies - must apply for accreditation through the "Guests" or other relevant registration category. The online registration system for civil society registration is now open and will close on March 30, The registration process could take up to three weeks and no new registration requests will be accepted after this deadline, so CSO representatives are encouraged to apply early. For more information please visit the CSPF website.

Members of the Press with valid credentials are invited to attend the Spring Meetings.


Online registration is now open and will close on Saturday, April All working Press must have Spring Meetings credentials to attend the Meetings. To be accredited, Press must present one of the following:. If such credentials are not held or are in question, it will be at the discretion of the IMF and the WBG to determine whether access to the Spring Meetings could be granted.

If you have any questions about Press, please contact media imf. All other Press may register here. All Guests are subject to clearance.

Online registration is now open and will close on Friday, April Because the clearance process may take up to two weeks, Guests are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible.This week, on 27 and 28 February, the Team Workshop will take place in Sochi. Here, FIFA. What is the Team Workshop? A series of informative session will be held, covering different aspects of the upcoming competition, from security to technical issues. Furthermore, it is a chance for teams to better understand the efforts of the Host Nation in organising the tournament.

The workshop is the last time when all competing nations will gather before the World Cup actually gets underway. Who is attending the Team Workshop? Over delegates from the 32 participating teams will take part in the workshop, including coaches, team doctors and experts in technical areas, media cooperation, accommodation, security, logistics, transport and marketing.

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Ten head coaches will be among the delegates. Where is the Team Workshop being held? Sergei's father, Slava, was one of the most famous footballers to come from Sochi, having appeared at theand World Cups, as well as winning the UEFA European Championship in Now the whole city cannot wait for the real festival of football, and to meet supporters from all the different countries.

All topics. Recommended Stories. Inspire your team, win a trip to the World Cup 21 Feb All Recommended Stories. Follow us on.See Pearson's correlation coefficients for more information.

Thus, the number of parameters grows with the amount of training data) measure of statistical dependence between two variables. See Spearman's correlation coefficients for more information. A measure of association between two nominal variables. Its value ranges between 0 (no association between the variables) and 1 (complete association), and can reach 1 only when the two variables are equal to each other. It is based on Pearson's chi-squared statistic.

Its value ranges ranges between 0 (no association between the variables) and 1 (complete association).

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See Tschuprow's T for more information. In other words, the table summarizes the distribution of values in the sample.

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Its value ranges ranges between 0 and 1. A rule of thumb is: 0. See eta-squared for more information. The value of the F statistic, which is used to assess whether the expected values of a quantitative variable within several pre-defined groups differ from each other. It is the ratio of the variance calculated among the means to the variance within the samples.

This parameter specifies the number of samples to be used during the normality test. If not given, defaults to 1024. Example: "MyADSeed" category optional The category that best describes the test.

Specifies the fields that won't be included in the test. This will be 201 upon successful creation of the statistical test and 200 afterwards. Make sure that you check the code that comes with the status attribute to make sure that the statistical test creation has been completed without errors. This is the date and time in which the statistical test was created with microsecond precision. True when the statistical test has been built in development mode.

The list of fields's ids that were excluded to build the statistical test. The list of input fields' ids used to build the statistical test. In a future version, you will be able to share statistical test with other co-workers or, if desired, make them publicly available. It includes the field's dictionary describing the fields and their summaries, and the statistical tests.